Donde es fácil alquilar un vehículo

VIZA RENT CARS offers 30 years of experience in renting cars.

VEHICLES AND EQUIPMENT All units are equipped with a triangle, fire extinguisher, a set of keys and a first aid kit.  During the rainy season, the pickup trucks are equipped with gas tanks, bungie cords, tent, shovels and picks.

All vehicles have 4 wheel-drive and all terrain tires AT 

INSURANCE our insurance covers

Civil responsibility up to 3.000 $us

Total loss due to accident the value of the vehicle

Total loss due to theft. the value of the vehicle

Damages or partial loss due to accident 500$us deductible

Partial loss of parts due to theft 200$us

Death or disability 5.000$us

Medical expenses 1.000$us

Civil responsibility 20.000$us

Third party responsibility 3.000$us (including civil responsibility).

MAINTENANCE is the responsibility of our agency unless the vehicle exceeds the established speed limit of the contract and the information obtained by satellite tracking.


In case of monthly rentals, the renter must return the vehicle, at least for a day to do the required maintenance. Details can be agreed on at the moment of the rental agreement


DRIVERS If the renter wishes to use our drivers he will not have to pay the established guarantee, he will have no responsibility for the vehicle or its care and only pay for parking or garage.


The fee paid for our drivers includes their perdium.

SATELITE TRACKING Each vehicle has a designated speed limit which corresponds to articles 113 a,b,c and 114 a,b of the traffic code.


 DOCUMENTATION Our Agency has the following registration numbers 000091 IBT, legal representation No. 466 (as a branch agency of Imbex rent a car) government ordinance No. 164/02, Departmental Resolution 164/02.


1-I.D. or passport

2- Valid driver’s license (for Bolivian renters)

3-International driver’s license (for foreigners)

4-Credit Card

 Something important:

The driver can only drive the car for 8 hours during the day. He can drive in the night  6 hours if he didn´t drive in the day. We do this for the security of the pasangers but if they need more hours traveling in case of emergency they have top ay 4,3$us for each hour additional that the driver would work.